The Historic Crab Pot Seafood Market  -  Lincoln City, Oregon

 After 40 years...the long road back

I am Allen Black, owner/operator of The Historic Crab Pot in Lincoln City, Oregon for 39 years before it caught fire and burned in a terrible accident on the July 4th holiday, 2014.

The building was built in the early 1930's and has been a local institution all these years. We took over the market just before spring break 1975, 45 years ago. The building had been both a business and a home since the fall of 1974 when my wife, Marlene and I put down earnest money for its purchase. One of the many appealing things about the market was having an attached home. My wife had recently lost her sight and was bedridden as a result of the illness which blinded her and it was comforting to be close at hand with an intercom system. She never regained her sight but did recover from the most debilitating parts of her illness. She passed away 18 years ago from illness related complications. We had no children. 

I confess I hate that my legacy could be that I was the person who let this long run end. In my 40 years of stewardship, I developed great local sources for my fresh fish and shellfish. Also, in the 40 years of doing business, I have had many long time customers who I've come to know and care about. Many reached out to me and I very much appreciate that. My goal has been that the Crab Pot returns so that I may serve you and your families again.

In one terrible afternoon, I lost my livelihood, all of our belongings and all our family photos, mementos and keepsakes. I went from having an income to no income or home in a matter of hours. The fire continues to be a painful memory nearly every day.

The insurance on this property, unfortunately, having not kept up with the cost of replacement after 40 years, was woefully inadequate.  To say the least,  2014 was a tough year. It has been hard for me to focus on the nuts and bolts of what has to be done to rebuild the market and my home. Even with all that has happened, it has been difficult for me to ask for help...probably the way I was brought up. But without help, there simply isn't enough money to rebuild.  More than one friend has pointed out to me that, if every customer who has stopped at my market in the nearly 40 years I owned it, each gave one dollar, I'd probably have enough to rebuild.

It is amazing how things have come together in the last 6 years. Many thanks again to those who have given and to those who supported me.

  I want the legacy of this market, having served many generations with quality seafood, to continue.

With Gratitude, Allen Black

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